Every foe is deadly Each encounter is unique.

Explore an ever-changing, vibrant world

Fort Triumph is a lighthearted fantasy strategy game combining the turn–based combat of XCOM with the world exploration of HOMM. Traverse procedural maps, build towns, collect artifacts, improve your heroes, and influence your tactical surroundings using physics!

Outsmart deadly foes with tactical ingenuity!

Lead a band of heroes through a witty fantasy plot and face the chance of permanent death at any moment—unless you disable the option. Tactical missions are procedurally generated, so every battle is different and calls for a new plan. Crash into your surroundings and then simply watch that tree fall on your enemies’ heads. Or kick that goblin from behind the rock for a better shot.

Create your unique party

Choose between up to four factions to find your favorite heroes and units. Build your base, get resources and artifacts, and don’t forget to teach your characters new skills. Each hero is unique and the right combination of their abilities will help you bring out their full potential in combat. Train them well!

Human<br />


Hobbyist laborers, Humans are skilled at lifting, allowing them to use Faraway Lift.

Yak-Scuffle<br />


Due to their miniature stature, Goblins use cover more effectively, reducing their chances of being hit.

Forest<br />


Due to their ideology, Forest Dwellers will not take cover. At least that’s what they claim.

The Restful<br />

The Restful

Having neither guts nor eyes, Skeletons are immune to bleeding and blinding.